The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is Ireland’s national statistical office. Formed in 1949, our mission is to: Provide high quality information, both for evidence-based decision-making and to support accountability. The CSO regularly takes general and specific surveys of households, individuals and businesses such as the Survey on Income and Living Conditions, the Labour Force Survey, the Household Budget Survey, the National Travel Survey and the Household Finance and Consumption Survey. Using the data collected, we produce over 300 releases & publications each year. Some of our general statistical publications include the Statistical Yearbook of Ireland, Measuring Ireland’s Progress and Women and Men in Ireland.

Our Values are: -Independence, objectivity and integrity are core values -We ensure absolute adherence to the legal guarantee of confidentiality and all activities comply with statistical and data protection legislation -We drive innovation throughout all our business and organisational processes -We are professional, reliable and trusted -We have respect for our data providers and are committed to finding new ways to reduce the demands placed on them -We constantly strive to provide excellent service to our customers -We value our staff and strive to provide an environment in which staff meet their full potential and flourish at work

The CSO is an independent Office and the Director General of the CSO has sole responsibility in relation to professional statistical matters.

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