Connecting Women in Technology is a network of Irish based technology companies who all share a common goal to support the development of women in the technology industry. Founded by Accenture, Dell and Microsoft in 2009, the network today spans over 20 leading multinational technology companies, who all collaborate to attract, promote and encourage women in STEM careers.

Through our Education and Early Career pillars we support and run a number of programmes aimed at encouraging young females to understand what a career in a technology company looks like and the many opportunities available to them by studying a STEM subject.

STEM Teacher Internships. The objective of the programme is to provide pre-service teachers with first-hand experience of working in technology sector, dispel any misconception they may have about what type of people work in the sector and expose them to sheer variety of roles that exist and career paths that people take.

Tech Starter. A panel discussion style event organised delivered in universities to STEM students. The aim of Tech Starter is reduce the numbers of female dropouts from STEM degrees and increase the number of students who enter STEM/technology roles after graduation.

Digital Futures is a program developed to raise students’ awareness of the diverse nature of career opportunities in the technology sector and promote STEM careers throughout Ireland. The program consists of an interactive presentation designed to be delivered in secondary schools and is ideally suited for Transition year students (Age 15-18), before they choose their Leaving Cert subjects.

We also partner with Teen-Turn to influence course decision-making processes, inform participants on education and career options and combat stereotypes by strategically changing how girls identify with technology career environments through work placements and after school activities.

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