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Lilly was founded in 1876 by Colonel Eli Lilly, a man committed to creating high-quality medicines that met real needs in an era of unreliable elixirs peddled by questionable characters.

More than 140 years later, we remain committed to his vision through every aspect of our business and the people we serve starting with those who take our medicines, and extending to health care professionals, employees and the communities in which we live.

Lilly has been operating in Ireland since 1978 and today the company employs almost 2,000 people, with an additional 500 outsourced and contract staff involved in the provision of day-to-day support services for the company’s operations here.

Lilly’s first investment in Ireland began in 1978, with the purchase of a farm in the West Cork countryside, near Kinsale. Today, that site has grown to a vast high-technology manufacturing campus that employs over 900 people and uses complex chemical synthesis and biotechnology manufacturing processes to make active ingredients for Lilly medicines.

Established in 2010, our Global Business Solutions (GBS) centre in Little Island, Cork city has evolved from shared service provider to global business partner across many of Lilly’s key business units. Through the centralisation, standardisation and optimisation of complex processes, GBS Cork provides innovative solutions that add value in a number of diverse areas including finance, supply chain, HR data management, customer support, clinical trial capabilities and more. Currently it employs over 800 employees across 38 nationalities, speaking 35 languages.

Lilly was named the Cork Chamber of Commerce “Cork Company of the Year” in May 2021, with a winning joint submission by Kinsale manufacturing and the Cork Global Business Solutions centre.

The accolade was awarded to Lilly based on a combined 50 years of investment, innovation and positive impact within the Cork region.


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