Stand Number: 2523

Project title: Mats That Matter!!!

Overview: We’ve designed a sustainable, durable, weather-proof mat for homeless people. A solution to lying on cardboard is needed, especially with climate change threatening extreme weather.

School Name: Loreto High School

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 2524

Project title: Creating a device that tracks the windows in our school to save energy

Overview: A device that will sense which windows are open in our school to save energy in a practical and time efficient way.

School Name: Bremore Educate Together Secondary School

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 2525

Project title: Bull Accelerate

Overview: We are endeavouring to identify an app that enables farmers to input costs associated with raising an animal which will help farmers become more efficient.

School Name: John The Baptist Community School

School County: Limerick

Stand Number: 2527

Project title: Green habits- An app that helps users create eco-friendly habits

Overview: We aim to create a motivational app that will help users build eco-friendly habits. Each week the user will be set several small, achievable goals.

School Name: Coláiste Naomh Mhuire

School County: Kildare

Stand Number: 2528

Project title: Built-in weight indicator for a child’s car seat.

Overview: We hope to design and build a spring mechanism that may be installed into a child's car seat to indicate to parents when it is a

School Name: Scoil Mhuire

School County: Roscommon

Stand Number: 2529

Project title: Technology overload…. The effects of technology on our generations daily lives.

Overview: We are investigating how the use of technology has impacted our generations daily lives and how attention spans have been affected as a result.

School Name: Loreto Secondary School

School County: Kilkenny

Stand Number: 2530

Project title: An fheirmeoireacht uirbeach, aon áit, am.

Overview: An online database which provides complete knowledge on growing plants within urban areas in Ireland, using HTML to create the website.

School Name: Meanscoil Gharman

School County: Wexford

Stand Number: 2531

Project title: A Solution to Coastal Flooding in Irish Cities

Overview: Investigating the effects of floods on Irish cities and residents, redeveloping flood walls, and creating a campaign to protect coastal cities in Ireland.

School Name: Sutton Park School

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 2532

Project title: A C++ based AI to translate a live video input of Irish Sign Language to English Text

Overview: A software program using C++, OpenCV and other libraries that translates ISL to English. We intend to build and test the functionality in real-world situations.

School Name: Kinsale Community School

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 2533

Project title: Analysis of sentiment variation in news reporting and consequential user activity

Overview: We will analyze sentiment of specific event/ news across sources and its relation to generated user activity, by using natural language processing from numerous engines.

School Name: St Kilian's Deutsche Schule

School County: Dublin