btyste 2024


Stand Number: 3517

Project title: Groovy Growth

Overview: An investigation into the effect of sound on plant growth

School Name: Coola Post Primary School

School County: Sligo

Stand Number: 3518

Project title: Can Native Waterweeds Solve Farmer's Feed and Pollution Problems?

Overview: To produce a prototype silage effluent tank in which native duckweed will remediate silage run-off into an environmentally friendly fertiliser providing a cheap cattle feed.

School Name: Moate Community School

School County: Westmeath

Stand Number: 3519

Project title: P.E-riod

Overview: Analysis on the impact of periods/menstruation on teenagers PE (physical education) performance and participation.

School Name: St. Joseph's Secondary School, Navan,

School County: Meath

Stand Number: 3520

Project title: Spraint Spies- An Investigation into Otter Population

Overview: The project will look at the population of otters from Carrigaline to Fountainstown in Cork Harbour using the standard otter survey methods.

School Name: Colaiste Muire

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 3521

Project title: Lightning speed plant growth (Kachow)

Overview: Global warming is a huge problem today and artificial fertilizers don't help. We've come up with a plan to accelerate plant growth without harmful substances.

School Name: St Marys College

School County: Wicklow


Stand Number: 3522

Project title: Preventing soil erosion and leaching with different types of plants

Overview: I am going to investigate to see how well different types of plants hold soil together.

School Name: Cistercian College

School County: Tipperary

Stand Number: 3523

Project title: Upcycling Waste Streams for Horticultural and Agricultural Use Through the Addition of Biofibre (Wool) B

Overview: We aim to create the optimum “blend” of waste products to form the best peat-free potting soil and soil conditioner.

School Name: Roscommon Community College

School County: Roscommon

Stand Number: 3524

Project title: UnBEETable - Investigating if beetroot juice can impact the performance of athletes

Overview: Our project aims to investigate how the inclusion of beetroot juice in a athletes diet could improve their endurance and overall performance

School Name: Mercy Secondary School Mounthawk

School County: Kerry

Stand Number: 3525

Project title: An éifeacht atá ag céatadán éagsúla de truailliú cothaitheach ar an ráta atáirgthe de fíteaplanctón

Overview: Táimid ag iarraidh féachaint ar an éifeacht atá ag céatadán éagsúla de truailliú cothaitheach ar an ráta atáirgthe de fíteaplanctón.

School Name: Colaiste An Phiarsaigh

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 3526

Project title: You've GUT to be kidding me

Overview: An investigation into the bacteria that occurs on processed and non-processed foods and the effect of these bacteria on the gut microbiome flora.

School Name: St. Brogan's College, Bandon

School County: Cork