Stand Number: 4238

Project title: An investigation into the differences in how men and women are treated in online gaming

Overview: I'll be recording, observing and analyzing gameplay and people's reactions to a women playing and talking verses a women playing but a man is talking

School Name: St Aloysius School

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 4239

Project title: Glasbhealach nó Iarnród? Anailís staitisticiúil ar sean-iarnród idir Mainistir na Corann agus Eochaill

Overview: Anailís staitiscticiúil ar iarnróid agus glasbhealaigh in Éirinn chun teacht ar an ceart iarnród nó glasbhealach a thógáil ar shean-iarnród Mainistir na Corann – Eochaill.

School Name: Coláiste Pobail Osraí

School County: Kilkenny

Stand Number: 4240

Project title: The Economy of Cannabis

Overview: To investigate the potential economic and social impact of the legalisation of cannabis in Ireland.

School Name: Colaiste Mhuire,

School County: Westmeath

Stand Number: 4241

Project title: Comparing progression to STEM courses and careers between all girls’ and co-educational schools

Overview: By carrying out this project, I plan to explore and compare the attitudes of female students towards STEM subjects with those of male students.

School Name: Dominican College

School County: Galway

Stand Number: 4242

Project title: Creating a subtle fidget toy to help people with sensory overload

Overview: My project aims to help people with sensory issues and to develop a product that will help them in hyper-sensitive environments

School Name: St Joseph's Secondary School

School County: Westmeath

Stand Number: 4243

Project title: Is horse play really a bad thing?

Overview: The role of the stall environment on horses well-being.

School Name: Coláiste Pobail Osraí

School County: Kilkenny

Stand Number: 4244

Project title: Anailís Staitistiúil ar Dhearcadh Déagóirí na hÉireann vs Déagóirí na Breataine Bige i Leith a dTeanga Dhúchais a Fhoghlaim

Overview: Chun fáil amach na difríochtaí idir dhearcthaí déagóirí Éireannacha i leith foghlaim na Gaeilge agus dearcadh déagóirí Breatnaise ar fhoghlaim na Breatnaise.

School Name: Castleisland Community College

School County: Kerry

Stand Number: 4245

Project title: Napping, a clever use of your time or a complete snooze fest?

Overview: An investigation into whether napping affects the brain by testing several factors before and after napping.

School Name: Coláiste Cholmcille

School County: Donegal

Stand Number: 4300

Project title: Nuclear Power in Ireland – is Stigma holding us Back?

Overview: An investigation into the stigma around nuclear power among people in Ireland, and if it's stopping us from meeting our net-zero carbon emission goals.

School Name: Laurel Hill Secondary School FCJ

School County: Limerick

Stand Number: 4301

Project title: How big an affect does Social Media have on gate receipts in the League of Ireland?

Overview: This is an insight into the rise and affect of Social Media promotion in the League Of Ireland and where it is building towards

School Name: Lanesboro Community College

School County: Longford