Stand Number: 4559

Project title: How does colour affect the processing of information in 12-16 year olds.

Overview: To investigate the retention of knowledge using different coloured media in teenagers.

School Name: Presentation Secondary School Listowel

School County: Kerry

Stand Number: 4561

Project title: Factors affecting perception of color

Overview: We want to investigate the factors that affect how people perceive color by conducting interviews and showing them color related optical illusions.

School Name: St. Tiernan's Community School

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 4562

Project title: How social setting can impact on performance; a study of individuals vs group performance in a video game Mario Kart

Overview: This project will see how people React differently to a single player vs multiplayer and how they play differently .

School Name: Castlecomer Community School

School County: Kilkenny

Stand Number: 4563

Project title: Are the current rules and regulations of the school bus scheme fair ?

Overview: Investigating the current rules and regulations of the school bus / travel scheme and why they may be unfair.

School Name: Millstreet Community School

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 4564

Project title: How Productive is Productivity Culture?

Overview: Our project aims to investigate are the current standards of productivity that force people to sacrifice their well being worth it?

School Name: St Mary's Secondary School Macroom

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 4565

Project title: Does lighting affect people’s perception of authenticity?

Overview: We plan to show participants sets of two pictures of objects and ask which is real but the only difference between pictures will be lighting.

School Name: Loreto College

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 4566

Project title: Foghlaim

Overview: Myths and Legends are at risk of being lost, like indiginous languages, from Irish and worldwide cultures. Foghlaim is an interactive tool to preserve them.

School Name: Mount St Michael

School County: Mayo

Stand Number: 4567

Project title: Can brain reaction time be improved by exercise, nutrition or the ingestion of stimulants?

Overview: Evaluating how caffeine, sugar and exercise affect how quickly the brain processes information, using the stroop test.

School Name: Loreto Secondary School

School County: Kilkenny

Stand Number: 4568

Project title: The Link Between Misogyny and The Perception of Fan Culture

Overview: We aim to determine whether or not there is a connection between the way fans are perceived and their gender: Is it a misogynistic perception?

School Name: Laurel Hill Secondary School FCJ

School County: Limerick

Stand Number: 4569

Project title: Is 'BeReal' actually authentic?

Overview: We want to investigate the popular social media app and its users to find out if BeReal provides an authentic and real insight into people's its and affected

School Name: Bandon Grammar School

School County: Cork