btyste 2024


Stand Number: 4590

Project title: Periods with no plastic! An investigation into why there is a reluctance amongst females to use more sustainable period products such as period pants.

Overview: In our project we want to find out why females aged 12 – 40 might be reluctant to use period pants and other sustainable period

School Name: Coláiste Dún an Rí

School County: Cavan

Stand Number: 4591

Project title: To investigate if secondary school students consume more snacks when presented with larger portion sizes?

Overview: We propose to design an experiment that will investigate the impact of portion sizes and how they influence teenage consumption of snacks today.

School Name: Coláiste Choilm

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 4592

Project title: Comparing the fundamental movement skill proficiency of first year males from urban and rural backgrounds.

Overview: An investigation into the Fundamental Movement Skill proficiency of 12-14 year old adolescent males from rural and urban backgrounds.

School Name: Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 4593

Project title: You know what gets on my nerves?… Multiple Sclerosis. An Investigation into viral marketing and what form of media is received most effectively by young people.

Overview: Our project aims to find out what way of delivering secondary school students information is the most effective

School Name: Castleisland Community College

School County: Kerry

Stand Number: 4594

Project title: Do School Days have a Detrimental Effect on Student's Fatigue levels?

Overview: Our project investigates the difference a school day has on students' tiredness levels and to figure out if students physical performance differences throughout the day.

School Name: Kinsale Community School

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 4595

Project title: Is working during the school term having a positive or negative impact on a teenagers life?

Overview: To investigate whether or not working during the academic term is having a positive or negative effect on a teenagers life.

School Name: Meán Scoil an Chlochair

School County: Westmeath

Stand Number: 4596

Project title: Organ donation, breaking the boundaries

Overview: We wish to find out why ethnic minority groups are reluctant to get involved with organ donation and transplants. Furthermore our end goal is how we can educate communities

School Name: St Joseph's Secondary School

School County: Westmeath

Stand Number: 4597

Project title: What is the best method to memorise a sequence?

Overview: We are investigating what is the best method to memorise a sequence. We will be testing out paper, screens and audio.

School Name: Loreto College

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 4598

Project title: A statistical analysis into age and gender of drownings in Ireland and to raise awareness around water safety.

Overview: We are going to research the age and gender of drownings in bodies of water in Ireland and aim to raise awareness around water safety

School Name: Coláiste Cholmcille

School County: Donegal

Stand Number: 4599

Project title: Pride in the Parish – Is it time for a new system of local government?

Overview: Parish structure is in decline as both RC parishes and GAA teams merge. Could parishes be re-invigorated as the base unit for local government?

School Name: Millstreet Community School

School County: Cork