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Primary Science Fair

Thursday 12th January 2023

School NameSchool CountyProject TitleWhat is your project about?
Scoil Naomh Bríd Ballyconnell Co. CavanCavan“The Mini Boat Race” What materials make the Ultimate Boat?The children will use a varied amount of recycled materials to make a miniature boat. When each group are happy with their design their will be a boat race on the local Shannon – Erne Canal.
Ballyhass NSCorkDo video games have an effect on concentration and academic performance ?Testing several groups of students before and after the compete a set of cognitive based activities . We will see if video games effect concentration and academic performances and record our findings. The children are very interested in working with this topic , lots of the children are very interested in video games so it will be interesting for them to see the results
Barryroe NSCorkDecreasing our Carbon Footprint as a School CommunityInvestigating our current carbon footprint and looking at ways to decrease it such as increasing biodiversity, energy usage etc Looking at the pledges recommended during Climate Action Week and seeing what we can do as a school
Cullen NSCorkHow do Planes actually fly?Aviation
Goggins Hill NSCorkTrains, tracks, and tunnels: Full STEAM Ahead!!Our school is located right beside the Goggins Hill railway tunnel. This is the longest abandoned railway tunnel in Ireland. We are very interested in this local attraction and we have decided to undertake a project about our local railway tunnel and line. We plan to make a model railway using electromagnetism in groups after extensive research on the Goggins Hill tunnel and railway line. We plan to make an electromagnetic battery train to test out our tunnels and to learn about electromagnetism. We also endeavour to study the different parts of a train, other tunnel models, and the evolution of trains.
Kill O the Grange National SchoolDublinPowering into the FutureOur project is about electricity networks and how we will generate, store and use power in the future with small scale power networks called Microgrids. By integrating renewable power sources like solar and wind power, a school could generate its own low-costpower in a clean, efficient and sustainable way.
Scoil Choilm CNSDublinDoes screen time affect levels of concentration?The effect screen time can have on concentration levels of primary school children
Scoil San TreasaDublinIs Scoil San Treasa a green school?We want to answer the question, ‘is our school really a green school?’
Scoil San TreasaDublinIs Scoil San Treasa a self-sufficient?We would like to evaluate how self-sufficient our school is with regards to energy use in the school.
St. John the Apostle Knocknacarra N.S.GalwayAwesome Aerodynamics!Our project is based all around aerodynamics. We will be researching, investigating and exploring all about aerodynamics, what it is, and it’s effects. We will also be looking at how we can use aerodynamics to our advantage in our own lives.
Moyderwell Mercy Primary SchoolKerryDo you see what Eye see?Optical illusions
SN Colmcill NaofaKildareAre breakfast cereals really that healthy for us?Our project will investigate how healthy breakfast cereals really are for us.
S N Moin RuadhKilkennyHow WE as children can make positive changes for the better of our Environment .How children can make more informed decisions about what they do in order to look after their environment with a view to being more economical and sustainable
Scoil Phroinsiais Naofa Clara Co. OffalyOffalyMagic of the MicrobitOur project will look at how the microbit computer can be programmed to be used to reduce energy consumption- how it to programme it as a thermometer, energy measuring tool , stepometer etc to encourage people to walk. Also we will use Google AI to sort our rubbish in our bin.
St Colman’s N.S. BallindagginWexfordHow does our body work? Investigating our digestive system, blood, ears and more…Our project is about how the bodywork. Looking at the make up of our blood, how the digestive system work and other organs and bodily functions.

Friday 13th January 2023

School NameSchool CountyProject TitleWhat is your project about?
Boherbue NSCorkWas it something I read?The children in our class really love when teacher reads aloud from the class novel. Some children find it “stressful” when they are asked to read aloud themselves from the novel. Essentially our project is about reading and the effects it has on the heart rate. It is a comparative study on the effects of teacher read-alouds on the children’s heart rate and the effects that shared reading(when the child reads-aloud) has on the heart rate.
Gaelscoil Dr. Uí ShúilleabháinCorkTaste/BlasDifferences in taste
Scoil Naomh FionanCorkSolar Energy in Our CommunityOur project is about how solar energy can be used as an energy source and changed into different forms of energy.
Timoleague NSCorkWhat we put into our water has consequencesWe are going to the study the effect substances we put into our water supply have on sea shells.
Our Lady Immaculate SNSDublinWhy is Ireland Green?Ireland is known as the Emeralrd Isle, but why is Ireland green? We want to look at the factors that make Ireland’s grass grow greener than in other countries. We also want to investigate the benefits of our “green grass” on food production
St. Kilian’s SNSDublinReduce, Reuse, Restyle!We looked at the different issues that people are facing around the world. The children named pollution, waste and cost of living as some of these issues. We then decided to investigate whether we could use recycled materials to create clothing (eg. cardboard, plastics, coffee cups). We felt that this topic could help each of the crises mentioned.
St. Vincent de Paul Girls’ SchoolDublinIs It Possible To Improve Our Short Term Memories?Strategies and tips for improving our short term memories
Scoil MhuireLeitrimIs Biodegradable the answer to our problemsFinding out weather biodegradable plastic is a more practical and sustainable alternative than regular plastic
Knockrooskey NSMayoIs it possible to prevent apples from going brown when they’re cut?Can we add something to a cut apple to prevent it from going brown? Lots of children have apple cut into slices in their lunchbox. They don’t like it when it turns brown.
Scoil Naomh Barra, Wilkinstown, Navan, Co MeathMeathExercise: A prescription for being a good studentTo investigate and spread awareness about how more exercise and active breaks both in and out of school can aid a student’s learning
St. Michaels NSMeathWhat makes the perfect sliotarWhat makes the best sliotar?
Scoil Mhuire gan SmálTipperaryAre pets good for your health and well-being?Is keeping a pet good for your health – what are the positive health benefits of keeping a pet?
St Declan’s NSWaterfordSave our TreesThe protected trees on our school grounds (listed building)
Bunscoil LoretoWexfordInvestigating the effect homework has on children and parents mood.Our project is about showing if homework can have a positive or a negative impact on a households mood.
Bunscoil LoretoWexfordCan listening to music aid our concentration in school?Listening to music-can it aid our concentration when studying or learning in school.
Bunscoil LoretoWexfordDoes meditation and mindfulness affect our concentration?Our project is about meditation and the affect it can have on our concentration in school.
Bunscoil Loreto GoreyWexfordDo video games really rot your brains?We have decided to do our science project on the impact of gaming on concentration.We have heard our adult generation telling us that screen time is not good for us, that it affects our concentration. They have said that we should exercise more to develop our brains. We will carry out a test to see if screen time and exercise has any impact on our concentration.
St Saviour’s NSWicklowWhy does friction matter?Discovering how the presence or absence of friction impacts on our daily lives. Then using this knowledge to explore what practical applications this could have when designing or choosing products to buy..