Stand Number: 2100

Project title: Sláinte-Link: A Web3 based secure medical records system.

Overview: A decentralised application based on blockchain technology that securely stores medical records, preventing ransomware and other cyber attacks from taking the data.

School Name: Celbridge Community School

School County: Kildare

Stand Number: 2101

Project title: Iniúchadh ar claontacht algartam.

Overview: Iniúchadh ar claontacht algartam.Ta sé seo fadbh ag meadú sa domhan teicneolaíocht.tarlíonn an fadbh seo nuair mar timpiste cuireann riomhchlairithe eolas claontacht isteach sa ríomhaire.

School Name: Gaelcholáiste Charraig Ui Leighin

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 2102

Project title: Back Air Gravitational Support -BAGS

Overview: A smart bag that alleviates the weight issues kids are experiencing with heavy school bags.

School Name: Abbey Vocational School

School County: Donegal

Stand Number: 2103

Project title: Reduce Emergency Department Waiting Times using AI to read X-rays

Overview: Emergency Department waiting times average over 11 hours. Could Machine Learning auto-diagnose X-Rays to reduce waiting times and workload on radiologists.

School Name: Belvedere College S.J

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 2104

Project title: Creating New AI Proof Captchas

Overview: I plan to program new captchas to protect websites from ai that are easier to understand for humans yet even more secure from artificial intelligence.

School Name: Gonzaga College

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 2105

Project title: An investigation into the impact of kinetic flooring as a renewable energy source in schools.

Overview: I aim to investigate the viability of kinetic flooring as a source of renewable energy in school.

School Name: Kinsale Community School

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 2106

Project title: The Normandy Landings: As They Happened

Overview: A look into the Normandy landings and the following campaign known as the Normandy breakout

School Name: Meánscoil na mBráithre

School County: Clare

Stand Number: 2107

Project title: Watch Out! helping to detect unnoticed falls amongst the aged

Overview: Watch made to prevent undetected falling, when falling is detected an emergency contact number is alerted if not answered the emergency services are alerted.

School Name: Coláiste Muire Máthair

School County: Galway

Stand Number: 2108

Project title: Landing rockets with rocket stabilization system

Overview: I've built a stabilization system for rockets to land. I've built avionics to control stabilization systems. I'll launch a model rocket with it to test

School Name: Castleknock College

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 2109

Project title: An gcuireann claonadh sa mheán isteach ar torthaí AI bunaithe ar íomhánna cosúil le Google Lens?

Overview: Táim chun fáil amach an bhfuil claonadh i dtorthaí AI, cosúil le GoogleLens, i dtreo ábhair Meiriceánach, de bharr níos mó meán Meiriceánach na Éireanneach.

School Name: Gaelcholáiste Mhaigh Nuad

School County: Kildare