Stand Number: 2218

Project title: Moveable calf crush

Overview: A moveable crush on wheels that allows farmers to tag,feed,inject,indetify,move/hold Etc. safely and easily making both the calf and farmers life easier

School Name: Árdscoil Uí Urmoltaigh

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 2219

Project title: BSS - Bike Safety System

Overview: A safety system for cyclists using vehicle tracking to detect vehicles behind a cyclist and narrowband technology to notify a emergency contact in an emergency

School Name: Colaiste Mhuire,

School County: Westmeath

Stand Number: 2220

Project title: Statistical model to improve handwriting

Overview: I will build an app with an image recognition model that will score handwriting and identify ways to help the user improve their handwriting

School Name: Home School

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 2221

Project title: Virus Spread, A Model and Simulation

Overview: Making a simple simulation of a virus spreading through a population and using it to answer questions about the effectiveness of social distancing.

School Name: Colaiste Sheosaimh

School County: Galway

Stand Number: 2222

Project title: Creating a secure and accessible healthcare platform

Overview: A secure and accessible healthcare platform utilising blockchain technology

School Name: Confey Community College

School County: Kildare

Stand Number: 2223

Project title: 'SouthGain' reducing your energy bill through planning south facing windows during renovation or construction

Overview: 'SouthGain' is an application that calculates the solar gain and solar loss of your windows and doors. It exhibits how you can utilize solar gain

School Name: Carrick-on-Shannon Community School

School County: Leitrim

Stand Number: 2300

Project title: Upstairs/ Downstairs, enabling people to navigate stairs more easily.

Overview: Device that can be retrofitted to any standard stairs banister to enable elderly and those with mobility issues navigate the stairs with ease in safety.

School Name: Desmond College

School County: Limerick

Stand Number: 2301

Project title: DermAI- Deep Neural Network Based Detection Tool for the Classification of Benign and Malignant Skin Lesions in Aid of Early Prognosis

Overview: My project is a CNN trained and built to be tool to detect whether or not a skin lesion is skin cancer or not.

School Name: Dundalk Grammar School

School County: Louth

Stand Number: 2302

Project title: Hydrogen Powered Viscous Boundary Layer Jet Engine Concept

Overview: A jet engine concept based around the tesla turbine, that uses the principle of the viscous boundary layer.

School Name: Blackwater Community School

School County: Waterford

Stand Number: 2303

Project title: A wind turbine design that is better for the environment and more cost effective.

Overview: I’ll create an eco friendly wind turbine design from wood. I will build the generator for my home turbine. And full scale prototype blades.

School Name: Mohill Community College

School County: Leitrim