Stand Number: 1202

Project title: Using a plasma globe to teach about electric and magnetic fields

Overview: In this project I will design activities to teach students about electric and magnetic fields and how they interact with each other.

School Name: Colaiste Chiarain

School County: Limerick

Stand Number: 1203

Project title: Investigating how people generate their own oxidation field and change the indoor chemistry around them.

Overview: This project will investigate how people generate their own oxidation field due to ozone reacting with lipids,creating hydroxyl radicals which are a respiratory irritant

School Name: St Joseph's Secondary School

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 1204

Project title: Proteins are not alike

Overview: My Project is about how useful it is, to consume protein supplements.

School Name: Moville Community College

School County: Donegal

Stand Number: 1205

Project title: Reduce energy bills by producing biogas

Overview: The aim of my project is to reduce the cost of energy bills for households by producing cooking gas from waste products.

School Name: Gaelcholáiste Chiarraí

School County: Kerry

Stand Number: 1206

Project title: What colour is pi? An analysis of patterns in the visible representation of number sequences using colours observed by people with synesthesia

Overview: I wish to construct numerous colour sequences based on numerical values using data collected on colours seen by people with synesthesia and analyse them.

School Name: Abbey Vocational School

School County: Donegal

Stand Number: 1207

Project title: Which fuel is most efficient for a blacksmith?

Overview: The purpose of this project is to determine which fossil fuel is more efficient for burning in a blacksmiths forge, Propane, Coke, Coal or Charcoal

School Name: St. Brogan's College, Bandon

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 1208

Project title: Testing Aspirin Project

Overview: Testing different brands of aspirin via IR, to investigate whether the price of each reflects the quantity and quality of constituents.

School Name: South Eastern Regional College - Bangor Campus

School County: Down

Stand Number: 1209

Project title: How Effective is the Carotenoid Lycopene in regards to UV Protection?

Overview: My project is about investigating how much UV protection is provided by lycopene and if a regular dosage of lycopene further protects against UV exposure.

School Name: Mercy Secondary School Mounthawk

School County: Kerry

Stand Number: 1210

Project title: Does Heat make you "Pitch Perfect"

Overview: How temperature can affect the frequency of sound waves emitted from certain materials.

School Name: Athlone Community College

School County: Westmeath

Stand Number: 1211

Project title: A comparative study Physicochemical characteristics and health-promoting properties of Donegal heather honeys Vs Maunka Honey

Overview: The comparison of the worlds healthiest honey (Manuka) vs Our Donegal heather honey, I will investigate the difference in health properties (vitamins, pathogens, minerals,monosaccharides).

School Name: St Columba's Comprehensive School

School County: Donegal