Stand Number: 3214

Project title: Highlighting the lack of female participants in medical trials and the consequences that has for women's health

Overview: This project is about highlighting the lack of female participants in medical trials and then the consequences that has for women's health.

School Name: St Aloysius School

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 3215

Project title: An ndéanann iarrachtaí na hÉireann an t-athrú aeráide a mhoilliú aon difríocht?

Overview: Beidh mé ag déanamh taighde ar léicin i gcathracha agus faoin tuath in Éirinn mar go bhfuil léicin mar tháscaire ar leibhéil ocsaigine.

School Name: Presentation Secondary School Thurles

School County: Tipperary


Stand Number: 3216

Project title: Constructing a Microbial Fuel Cell to Investigate the Electrical Power Output of Copious Organic Waste Samples

Overview: I will construct my own microbial fuel cell and investigate the energy output of various organic waste mixtures, through the digestion of anaerobic bacteria oxidation.

School Name: Skibbereen Community School

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 3217

Project title: Is the Clumping Behaviour of Mussels (Mytilus edulis) affected by the Presence of a Predator?

Overview: I am looking to see if the clumping behaviour of mussels is affected by the scent of a predator in the water.

School Name: Mary Immaculate Secondary School

School County: Clare

Stand Number: 3218

Project title: Investigation of a prototype tool belt to prevent musculoskeletal injuries in vets

Overview: Investigating the high rate of musculoskeletal injuries in large animal vets and methods of prevention such as my concept tool belt

School Name: Árdscoil Uí Urmoltaigh

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 3219

Project title: Natural fertilisation versus Artificial fertilisation

Overview: I want to create a sustainable system of fertilizing my tomato crop using a recyclable aquaponics system and compare it to an artificial fertilisation system.

School Name: Mungret Community College

School County: Limerick

Stand Number: 3220

Project title: Investigating the connection between wrapping on silage bales and pinkeye in cattle.

Overview: I will be investigating whether silage that is fed to cattle straight out of the wrapping can cause pinkeye.

School Name: Schull Community College

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 3221

Project title: Cellular Intelligence

Overview: I will order a "Living plate" with a slime mold that can navigate food sources in the most efficient way possible.

School Name: Old Bawn Community School

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 3222

Project title: Keeping your Balance : Measuring the impact of a balance awareness activity

Overview: Participants' balancing ability will be measured both before and after strategies to improve balance, by seeing how long they can stand on one leg

School Name: St Joseph's Secondary School

School County: Dublin


Stand Number: 3223

Project title: How muscle plays a role in disease prevention

Overview: An investigation into how muscle can prevent disease, how it protects the body and how to put on muscle

School Name: Salesian Secondary College

School County: Limerick