Stand Number: 3224

Project title: Should we have a ‘No Shoes In the Bedroom’ Rule?

Overview: Whether bedroom floors with a strict ‘no shoe’ rule are cleaner with respect to bacterial contamination than bedroom floors where outdoor shoes are worn.

School Name: Blackrock College

School County: Dublin


Stand Number: 3225

Project title: An investigation into the use of herbal plant extracts against antibiotic resistant bacteria in skin infections.

Overview: If I test certain herbal plant extracts against bacterial skin infections, in this case ‘ Staphylococcus aureus’, ‘ Staphylococcus epidermidis’ and ‘ Corynebacterium Striatum’, using agar test identify most effective extract.

School Name: Our Ladys School

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 3300

Project title: A qualitative study on the microbial community found on domestic dogs' coats

Overview: This project will be conducted by me, Kian Kennedy with help from my school and may be helpful in shaping our relationship with domestic dogs.

School Name: St Columba's Comprehensive School

School County: Donegal

Stand Number: 3301

Project title: The long-term effects of a more sustainable method of keeping nutrients in the soil as an alternative to an artificially made granule

Overview: To find a more sustainable, cost-effective method of keeping nutrients in soil, compared with using artificial fertilizers. Determining the long-term effects of using the treatments.

School Name: Roscommon Community College

School County: Roscommon


Stand Number: 3302

Project title: Mermaid Purses and Shark/Skate Populations in Irish Waters

Overview: The aim of my project is to observe the presence of species and the diversity of shark and skate in Dublin Bay waters.

School Name: St Patricks Cathedral Grammar School

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 3303

Project title: THE TOFU TAKEOVER: Irish attitudes towards plant based diets and a possible solution to our healthcare crisis

Overview: My project reviews the scientific evidence of health benefits and Irish population attitudes to a vegetarian/vegan diet

School Name: The Institute of Education

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 3304

Project title: Analysis of single-cell proteomic data to understand mechanisms of oncogenic transformation and how to control them

Overview: Computationally analysing single-cell proteomic data and building a data-driven model that explains how oncogenic transformations occur in breast cancer cells and mechanisms to reverse them

School Name: Stratford College

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 3305

Project title: Cigarette smoke causes scarring of the lungs - how?

Overview: Cigarette smoke can cause the long-term activation of lung fibroblasts, resulting in pulmonary fibrosis. My project aims to study the mechanism behind this.

School Name: South Eastern Regional College - Lisburn

School County: Antrim

Stand Number: 3306

Project title: The Carbon Footprint of macrofauna

Overview: My project measures the Carbon Dioxide of macrofauna such as woodlice and millipedes in my local woodland

School Name: Coláiste Muire Máthair

School County: Galway

Stand Number: 3307

Project title: The Caffeine Effect

Overview: This project will explore the effect of caffeine in energy drinks on the human body using Daphnia as test subjects.

School Name: Dominican College

School County: Galway