Stand Number: 3507

Project title: A Sweeter Way to Treat Equine Parasites

Overview: To create a solution to antihelmintic resistance by creating a nutritious horse treat containing common herbs to act as a natural equine worm treatment.

School Name: Moate Community School

School County: Westmeath

Stand Number: 3508

Project title: Mycromediation An investigation into the ability of Oyster mushroom mycelium to break down and digest microplastics

Overview: Grow oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) mycelium and testing its ability to decompose microplastics forming a sustainable way of treating water pollution.

School Name: Clonakilty Community College

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 3509

Project title: Investigation into the Antimicrobial Properties of Cinnamon and Development of a Cinnamon Based Surface Cleaner.

Overview: We are testing cinnamon for antimicrobial properties and seeing if it can be used to make a natural antimicrobial surface cleaner

School Name: Clonakilty Community College

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 3510

Project title: The Effects of administration of antibiotics to cattle and the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria

Overview: We have undertaken a study of the bacterialogical content of bouine excretions, an effort to identify bacteria present and their suspetability to antibiotic treatment.

School Name: Coláiste Fionnchua

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 3511

Project title: An investigation into the potential for biogas production from wetland plant species as a possible farming alternative for rewetted wetlands

Overview: Measure the volume of methane produced from a variety of wetland plant species during anaerobic digestion and identify the highest producing species

School Name: Loreto Secondary School

School County: Kilkenny

Stand Number: 3512

Project title: Flower Power : An investigation into the antimicrobial properties of rose petals and their effectiveness in treating acne.

Overview: The project aims to investigate the antimicrobial potential of different concentrations of rose water/oil using different extraction methods against a variety of bacterial strains.

School Name: Rockford Manor Secondary School

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 3513

Project title: Waste Water Fertilizer

Overview: trying to see if lake land waste water is a cheep/better fertiliser rather than chemical fertiliser

School Name: Our Lady's Secondary School

School County: Monaghan

Stand Number: 3514

Project title: Is genetic modification ethical?

Overview: Our project aims to study the public's perception of genetic modification and to gather data to fathom whether genetic modification is ethical or not.

School Name: Presentation Secondary School

School County: Kilkenny

Stand Number: 3515

Project title: Population Dynamics and Reproduction of Invasive Australian Yabby in an Irish Lake

Overview: This project investigates the population and reproduction of the Australian Common Yabby. Unlike the native WCC this is an invasive species in Ireland.

School Name: Colaiste Treasa

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 3516

Project title: Driving the Elderly to a Safer Future: Using Video Games to Improve the Peripheral Vision of Elderly Drivers

Overview: Using a simple video game to improve the peripheral vision of the elderly thereby reducing the likelihood of traffic accidents among age group.

School Name: Moate Community School

School County: Westmeath