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Stand Number: 4549

Project title: Prevalence of Eating Disorders in Adolescent Boys in an Irish School

Overview: We will investigate how eating disorders affect adolescent boys in our school. We want to see the difference in eating disorders in girls and boys.

School Name: Coláiste Iósaef

School County: Limerick

Stand Number: 4550

Project title: A study of the behaviour of adolescents in relation to a suspected concussion in team sport and the long term impacts of playing through a head injury

Overview: Our project is a study of teenagers' response to a suspected concussion and how social pressures can lead to damage from overlooked head injuries.

School Name: Summerhill College

School County: Sligo

Stand Number: 4551

Project title: COVID 2022: A new strain of spending

Overview: An investigation into why the spending habits of senior students and teachers changed during covid 19, and the factors that affected them

School Name: Tallaght Community School

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 4552

Project title: Students' Perceptions Towards Science upon Transition to Secondary School

Overview: This research project investigates students' perceptions towards school science upon transition from primary to secondary school

School Name: Colaiste Rís

School County: Louth


Stand Number: 4553

Project title: An investigation into if young people are informed about the mental health of those around them and themselves

Overview: The aim of this project is to investigate if students in our school community are informed on the topic of mental well-being.

School Name: Scoil Pól

School County: Limerick

Stand Number: 4554

Project title: Córas Oideachas VS Covid Oideachas !

Overview: A Quantitative Analysis of academic performance pre and post Covid in 1st class to 5th class students in Limerick primary schools.

School Name: Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh

School County: Limerick

Stand Number: 4555

Project title: The Gender of the Joker- an investigation into the humour gender gap

Overview: An investigation into perceived differences in humour depending on the gender of the joker.

School Name: Colaiste Muire

School County: Cork

Stand Number: 4556

Project title: "Turn Down The Volume" Which Sensory Stimuli Distracts People?, And Which Can Help

Overview: Our project aims to find out how different sensory stimuli affect concentration across different age groups and sexes.

School Name: Holy Faith Secondary School

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 4557

Project title: Why do girls outperform boys in the Leaving Certificate? - A Research Investigation

Overview: Our project is a research investigation into why girls consistently outperform boys in the Leaving Certificate examinations.

School Name: Scoil Mhuire

School County: Roscommon

Stand Number: 4558

Project title: Investigation on Factors that affect Mental Health

Overview: Our project aims to investigate the increased problems with mental health and the factors affecting these problems.

School Name: Mercy Secondary School

School County: Galway