Stand Number: 1526

Project title: Using piezoelectric crystals to generate electricity

Overview: Our project is based on the unique attributes of piezoelectric crystals, which are materials that can convert mechanical stress into an electric charge.

School Name: Mercy Secondary School Mounthawk

School County: Kerry

Stand Number: 1527

Project title: Developing a device for economically viable desalination of seawater for individuals in developing countries.

Overview: My aim is to create a device that will efficiently desalinate seawater and will be economically viable for individuals in developing countries.

School Name: Oatlands College

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 1528

Project title: An Investigation into the Efficiency of Renewable Energy Sources

Overview: Experimenting the efficiency of solar and wind energy, as well as researching the cost of production and comparisons with non-renewable energy resources.

School Name: Loreto College

School County: Dublin

Stand Number: 1529

Project title: Coffee fuel: biofuel made from used coffee grounds

Overview: We’ll investigate if coffee bean waste (coffee grounds) can be converted into a biofuel, producing a more sustainable and less harmful fuel for our planet

School Name: Scoil Mhuire

School County: Roscommon

Stand Number: 1530

Project title: An bfhuil tionchar ar cruth cosantaí cósta eagsúila ar frithcaitheamh tonnta?

Overview: Chruthanna éagsúla a chur i gcomparáid lena chéile ó thaobh ifeachtach tonnta a frithcaitheaimh ón gcósta

School Name: Gaelcholáiste Phort Láirge

School County: Waterford

Stand Number: 1531

Project title: An investigation into the quickest path of an object under gravity

Overview: To investigate if the quickest path is to follow a cycloid curve and to investigate other curves

School Name: Newbridge College

School County: Kildare

Stand Number: 1532

Project title: Are eco-friendly, sustainable make-up brands the future of beauty products?

Overview: We’re hoping to compete with our chemical project. Our project is testing the ingredients in environmentally friendly makeup the non-environmentally friendly makeup.

School Name: John The Baptist Community School

School County: Limerick

Stand Number: 1533

Project title: Mobile phone coverage and the topography of North Clare

Overview: We are looking at the mobile phone coverage in an area of North Clare and how it is affected by the topography of the area

School Name: Mary Immaculate Secondary School

School County: Clare

Stand Number: 1534

Project title: Chemical Hand Warmer

Overview: Our project is a Chemical project where we are making a homemade Chemical hand warmer.

School Name: Pobalscoil Inbhear Scéine

School County: Kerry

Stand Number: 1535

Project title: Investigating the Effect of Different pHs on the Use of Hydrogels as Drug Carriers Part II

Overview: This project investigates the effect of different pHs that would be found in the digestive system on the release of drugs in hydrogels

School Name: St Mary's College

School County: Derry-Londonderry